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Contactless Commerce - Redefining the shopping experience

by Tahmid

The pandemic put customer retail experiences to the ultimate test. Fitting rooms, contact with retail agents, cash payments, and in-store product testing were all impacted. Now that the world economy has reopened, retailers have realised the importance of faster, safer, and improved in-store and online experiences that preserve the essence of closeness and interactivity with products, agents, and the store environment. This is where cutting-edge digital technologies come into play, ushering in the era of "contactless commerce" - enabling new, innovative ways of shopping.

Hype or opportunity: NFTs for businesses

by Tahmid

Have you heard about non-fungible tokens, aka NFTs? In short they're these special digital currencies that can represent real or virtual goodies. What's impressive is that the technology behind them keeps track of who originally came up with each token. So, if you ever wonder who's the mastermind behind a particular token, you can easily find out. It's like having a digital trail of ownership. NFTs are growing in popularity and businesses of all shapes and sizes have an opportunity to take advantage of the opportunities on offer.

Digital Transformation: Why the Internet of Things can benefit SMBs

by Tahmid

Whether you're running a small business or a medium-sized company, understanding the IoT is becoming increasingly crucial for your success. Although the concept may initially appear challenging - we try to simplify a few core components of the IoT and explain how it can benefit your business.

Why small businesses should look to the blockchain

by Tahmid

We're going to dive into why small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) should seriously consider hopping on the blockchain hype. Yes, we understand there is some confusion around it all (isn't it just Bitcoin I hear you ask) and it might take a bit of time, but the blockchain is reaching a point where it can be a game-changer for SMEs. By embracing the decentralised future of business, SMEs can tap into the power of blockchain to tackle their daily challenges and even take on the big guys.

Revolutionising Marketing: The Role of AI

by Tahmid

This latest think piece delves into the remarkable impact of AI on the field of marketing, specifically from the lens of SMB’s. We touch on how artificial intelligence is revolutionising marketing strategies and reshaping the industry landscape for businesses. It looks at the role that AI plays in driving customer engagement, personalisation, and ultimately, business growth. We’ve also put some numbers alongside the research to indicate the growing interest in AI from businesses and its leaders.

The Metaverse: a game-changer for small and medium businesses

by Guest

What if your customers could walk around your store/company and shop without physically being there? Or what if you could host an event that guests may physically attend from the comfort of their houses?  Those scenarios are no longer just wishful thinking. They’re now possible with Metaverse. The Metaverse is an entire ecosystem that has the potential to revolutionise our way of life and work. They may use this immersive technology to tap into unique marketing opportunities while enhancing consumer experience. This article will talk about the Metaverse for small businesses and how they can benefit from this advanced technology.