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Your domain name is the first step in creating your online presence. We have over 1000 domain extensions so you will have no trouble finding available domain names that announce to the world what you do, who you are, or where you are. Enter your domain name search below and our DAS (Domain Availability Service) will instantly show you all available domain names.

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Domain name search - Free SSL certificate

Free SSL certificate

Protect private and sensitive customer data, whilst authenticating your website. SSL protects your site against phishing, boosts your search page ranking, and increases overall trust.

Free SSL certificate
Domain name search - Anycast DNS

Anycast DNS

Anycast DNS combines the complexity and performance of Anycast with the robustness of Unicast. Your website's performance will be boosted and downtime reduced.

Anycast DNS
Domain name search - Email account

Email account

A personalised, professional-looking email address will increase customer trust in your business. Includes spam and antivirus filters, mailing lists, and address book.

Starter email

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Domain name search - Domain privacy

Domain privacy

When you register a domain name, your contact details appear in a public database, making you vulnerable to domain hijacking and identity theft. Stay safe. Opt in to our domain privacy feature.

Domain privacy
Domain name search - Two-step verification

Two-step verification

Passwords aren't strong enough on their own. Two-step verification (TSV) ensures your accounts aren’t hacked and your data stolen. TSV blocks unauthorised access as only you have the passcode!

Two-step verification
Domain name search - Unlimited web hosting

Web hosting

Fully-featured web hosting provides super speed and reliability. Includes unlimited bandwidth, with no hidden charges, and web space as standard. Your site will always have space to grow.

Web hosting

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Domain name search - Generic TLDs

Generic TLDs

The gTLDs are generic extensions recognised around the world. They represent a specific purpose, e.g. .COM is commercial, .GOV is for governments, .INFO is for information websites, .ORG for non-profits, and .XXX is for the adult entertainment industry.

Domain name search - Country code TLDs

Country code TLDs

CcTLDs represent countries and regions. They’re ideal for targeting different audiences around the world, and your site will rank higher in local search results. Register one for each country and you’ll be talking to the entire world, e.g. Germany .DE, France .FR, Netherlands .NL.

Domain name search - New domain extentions

New domain extentions

The new domain extensions (new gTLDs) allow you to register more descriptive domain names. Categories include hobbies, cultures, interests, industries, communities, and cities. Cycling fans can register .BIKE, retailers can go for .FASHION and .SHOES, and casinos can gamble on .VEGAS.

Domain name search and registration made easy

If you’d like advice, don’t hesitate to contact us! We can help with your domain name search. Or discuss how to choose the best extension for promoting you and your business.

Some domain extensions have complicated registration requirements, so let us handle your registration. Thanks to our strong relationships with the world’s registries, we have all the inside knowledge!

You can contact us by email or phone. You will be assigned a dedicated, multi-lingual account manager!

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ccTLD stands for Country-Code Top-Level Domain. ccTLDs are domain extensions dedicated to a particular country or territory, indicating the region or language that the website is relevant for. A number of those extensions present some specific registration requirements, such as a local presence.

In or "fr” and “” are ccTLDs.

ccTLDs can reinforce a business’ intentions of addressing local market’s needs, targeting the country that extension is assigned to.

A ccTLD will also inspire trust in your potential customers to buy on your website, which could boost your transactions. Another interesting aspect of ccTLDs is that some of them can be used as gTLDs to create domain hacks or funny domain names.

E.g.: .me or .tv Finally, ccTLDs generally have more availability than .COM, registrants’ preferred domain extension and are shorter than most extensions, being made of only 2 letters.

gTLD stands for Generic Top-Level domain. gTLDs are a category of domain extensions open for registration to everyone, with no special registration conditions.

E.g.: In "xyz” is the gTLD.

gTLDs usually have more availabilities than more popular TLDs, you get the chance to register the exact domain name matching your brand.